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The Social Room (enter through the green door) where you can mingle (while observing social distance of course) with other customers, enjoy some movies in our booths, or maybe watch a little television.

Our other room is the Discrete Room (enter through the yellow door).  In the Discrete Room no loitering in the hall way is permitted.  This room is ideal for customers who desire the maximum amount of discretion in their peep show experience. 

BC Government recommends using glory holes to reduce COVID 19 risk.  See link External link opens in new tab or windowhere.


Over the years, peep shows have evolved from a single picture viewer to the modern multi-channel HD rewind/fast forward system that exists today.  A typical peep show today comprises a set of private booths, usually with seating and a locking door.  A selection of pre-loaded channels are available for viewing.

We have 16 booths making us the largest peep show in Western Canada.  Each and every booth will provide you with 200 different channels of sexual excitement.  Check out the Peep Show Channels currently playing.  The channels are pre-loaded with 200 DVDs.  These DVDs have been selected from our massive breadth of XXX DVD titles so that we have something for everybody!  It's as if you are in control of 200 DVD players (fast forward and rewind).

The peep show works on toonies or "toonie" tokens.  Please note a minimum $8 token purchase is necessary to enter the peep area.  Times Square XXX tip:  if you put more than $5 into the peep show within a short period of time, you get 15% more time as a bonus.

Four steps to peep show pleasure

  1.  Select your booth.  There are 16 booths to choose from.  We have large booths (4' by 6', which are suitable for couples) and medium sized booths (4' by 4').  Some booths also have additional "attributes".

  2. Insert your coins.  The peep show works on toonies or 'toonie' tokens.  You will see whatever channel was last viewed and two sets of numbers.  The number on the left tells you which channel you are watching.  The number on the right tells you how much time you have remaining

  3. Change the channel (by touching the up or down channel button) until you find a channel that you like.  If the volume is too loud or too quiet you can change it with the volume buttons.

  4. Rewind or fast-forward to re-watch a clip or move to another part of the scene.

  5. The rest is up to you .....


In the previous generation of peep show systems, any given channel would be at exactly the same point in the movie for all the booths.  A customer could not control which part of the movie he/she was watching.  In those dark days, there was no rewind or fast forward.  You couldn't watch the same scene over and over again.  With the incorporation of computer servers into the modern peep show, it is now possible for a movie to be at a different point or different rate in each booth.  Each customer controls where he/she is in the movie.

Our system gives you complete control over your viewing pleasure.

Times Square XXX Peep Show

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